About Us

At FundCalcs we specialise in making sense of complexity. We leverage existing data sources to independently replicate or replace fund administration calculations.

Our Vision

FundCalcs pioneers unprecedented levels of transparency in the Alternative Investment Management industry. No longer do Fund Adminstration and Investment Management functions need to be seen as “black-box” activities, relying on rigid reports to provide occasional snapshots of their workings.

By combining cloud technology, efficient and secure utilisation of existing data sources and expert solution development, FundCalcs places the ability to shadow and independently calculate all cash and unit movements in the hands of any authorised stakeholder.

Our Team

Peter Henry

Fund Accounting Analyst

Peter has 10 years experience of the Alternative Funds Industry in Luxembourg with JP Morgan, Citco and MUFG. Most recently as AVP and Fund Accounting Manager in MUFG, Peter managed a Fund Accounting team of 15 people monitoring Alternative Investments and UCITS funds. With in depth knowlege of a wide range of complex fee calculations, fund structures and procedural issues, Peter is in the ideal position to oversee and support the provision of FundCalcs automation for our clients' funds.

Alan quigley
Alan Quigley


Alan has over 10 years experience in the funds software industry. Having directly experienced the need for better automation and calculations support in the investment funds industry, Alan chose the complexities of performance fee calculations as an entry point to improving the offering of automated software to non-standard backoffice tasks. Alan holds a Bachelors Degree in Actuarial and Financial Studies and a Masters of Science in Software Development.

Debora Algarve

Customer Support

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Debora is an Information Technology graduate with experience in software and banking customer support. Debora's technology and customer support background places her in an ideal position to liase between business users and FundCalcs developers.

Chris Mahon

Solution Architect

Chris has over 20 years experience in financial services, initially as an actuary at New Ireland Assurance and subsequently in software development and consulting roles with IBM and FINEOS. Chris holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, the Certificate in Quantitative Finance, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

Mike brennan
Mike Brennan


Mike has prior successful start-up founding experience and has managed the development of a number of companies from start-up to sustainable business. Mike holds a Degree in Computer Engineering, a Masters from Trinity College Dublin and postgraduate qualifications in Statistics and Actuarial Science from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Mike has worked as a software engineer and a Quantitative Research Consultant for TNS MRBI.

The global network
Development Team

Global Expertise

Rather than the traditional routes of either direct employment or agency outsourcing, FundCalcs works in collaboration with a global alliance of colleagues from the highest levels of software development. Given the growing preference of cutting edge developers to retain control over their choice of project and partners, FundCalcs' network provides exceptional access to top level expertise on a project basis.

This developer network has grown over the years through technology groups, international conferences and shared goals of working on high quality, highly successful projects. The latest software development tools and practices facilitate remote collaboration without the need to share any sensitive information. Source code repositories are kept strictly separate from any system data or server access, as per standard best practices.

The ability to run projects with a dedicated group of world class experts, without engaging any "middle-man" layer, enables FundCalcs to develop the highest quality software with maximum efficiency and minimum risk.