FundCalcs has particular expertise in actuarial calculations, mortality risk and Life & Pensions processes. This expertise, along with our extensive experience around data and data migration issues, means FundCalcs has the capability to streamline and automate seemingly intractable situations.

FundCalcs can operate an engagement model that is best suited to a particular project. Whether that be an ongoing SaaS model, a consultancy arrangement for a specific recalculation / migration exercise, or some combination of both. FundCalcs ensures project success by adopting the optimum, designed-for-purpose engagement model as well as developing the optimum software for each client’s particular needs.

In addition to calculation of quotations, commission arrangements, surrender values, annuities, “with profits” arrangements, charges and premium calculations, FundCalcs also excels at independent recalculation of full historic policy values across whole funds (rather than sampling).

Our solution...

This enables us to offer a range of services such as:

  • Discovery / confirmation and quantification of material historic errors
  • Reworking of fund and policy values on alternative scenarios for restitution payments and policy corrections
  • Ongoing independent, automated verification of existing systems
  • Replacement of disjointed, risky procedures with end-to-end automation and transparent audit trails

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