Talk to us about how we can build valuation and reporting solutions based on International Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (in compliance with IFRS, US GAAP and AIFMD transparency and reporting requirements).

Our solutions can also incorporate dashboards of key valuation metrics, as well as bespoke reports that provide increased transparency to your portfolio management teams, existing, and potential investors.

Valuation has in many cases relied more on subjective judgement calls and less on strictly defined rules.  There are also challenges around managing the liquidity of the funds, in calculating discounts and premiums when redeeming investors or accepting new investments.

Regulators are increasing their oversight due to their perception of the potential financial stability risk posed by the asset management industry.  There is increased investor pressure for added transparency around the valuation of Private Equity / Capital funds, and it is evident that adherence to industry best practice around transparency will be key to attracting potential investors.  Portfolio managers themselves also require more transparency around the valuations, so that they in turn can make better investment decisions. Administrators and External Valuers can struggle to support complex valuation models and calculations.

Our solution...

FundCalcs can solve:

  • Complex waterfall structures
  • Complex performance fees with clawback, restoration of clawback
  • Running alternative parallel “what if” scenarios
  • Withdrawals restrictions and withdrawal triggered historic reworkings
  • Customised views and reporting for General Partner and Limited Partners

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